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decorations down. >> that's not nice. always resort to violence. >> if that happened to me, and eric's shot him. >> and thanks for joining us, have a great weekend. bye-bye. >> single-minded guerilla fighters willing to do anything, and with no regard to the safety of themselves or others, it's not a conflict in the middle east, it's black friday in america. and this is special report. >> good evening, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. and tryptphan induced comas, and proceeded to the retailers at black friday. 'offered once in a lifetime
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deals during what has become a make or break weekend in awn friendly economy. and correspondent steve brown kicks off our coverage tonight. >> and on thanksgiving thursday to be first in the doors at midnight on plaque friday. >> and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. >> we have our route. >> and toys "r" us, target, home goods. >> kohl's, breakfast. >> black friday is definitely the kickoff to the playoffs for us, if you think of it as a sporting event and it's a big day, we always want to come out really showing our guests what we have here and have a great start to the playoffs, yeah. >> and with retail sales a huge factor in the not steady u.s. economy, the shopping is encouraging. >> we expect sales to rise 4% this year, a little lower than last year, but you know, we
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think we really believe that consumers are feeling a lot more confident this year. >>, but for all the folks battling the black friday crowds, do they get the best prices. >> sometimes i think you can get a better deal other times, black friday is kind after gimmicky things. up to a third of the door busters items today were cheaper earlier in the year and as far as the most popular holiday gift. >> gift cards are still number one and this year picking up, where even more people are asking for gift cards and it's the most wanted gift and the most given gift for the holiday seasons for the last several years. >> online shopping looks strong again this holiday season, but today, it was all about being in the stores in person, and looking for the biggest savings. >> and i was going to go online, and just do my shopping from there, but it worked out. it worked out perfect. >> now, online shopping
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according to ibm which helps an awful lot of companies with the online business was up 17% yesterday. thanksgiving day, and so far this holiday shopping season which begins in october for some folks online, it's up 20% so far, and one out of every five of those purchases made on either a smart phone or a pad, making it that much easier to do christmas shopping wherever you are, shannon. >> you got a little done today, didn't you steve? >> yep. >> did. >> all right. thank you so much, steve. and serious shopping wasn't the only serious business done at the nation's largest retailer. in fact, some of the best action at wal-mart was outside the store. chief washington correspondent james rosen on big labor's blacks friday grab. >> from the skies over suburban maryland, protesting chanting logens and carrying signs with messages like, wal-mart, and i like 8.30 an
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hour. and a handful of the managers at wal-mart store 5219 backed up by invisible plained clothes security, a crowd led by a washington based baptist minister. >> can you say to me that none of these workers that have walked out today will be retaliated against or silenced or in any kind of way, held and some type of punishment or something for the activity, can you say that to me, sir. >> i appreciate your concern for the associates, but we'll take care of that matter. i'm going to have to ask you guys to leave be on the other side of the property, what you guys are doing right now are kind of unlawful. >> and from the outset the strong hand of the uscw could be felt, including an instruction by all picketers not to talk to reporters. >> ma'am, why are you here today. >> talk to the green shirt, and talk to the green shirt that sounds mysterious, let's see if we can talk to folks here. >> can you tell us why you're
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here today? >> you talk to the lady-- >> the lady with the the green shirt. here is a green-shirted man. why are you here today. >> because the work is out-- what? we're told to talk to the people in the green shirt. you're a green shirted-- so far, not that to the media, but how much help did you get from the united food and commercial workers, were they helpful to you. >> yes, they were. >> what did they do. >> original this and contact the other unions through the the area and support us in this effort. >> in all the protests unfolded at scores of wal-marts in dozens of cities across of america with no violence or disruption to commerce on the day when nearly one third of shoppers go online at brick and mortar stores. >> the number of protests reported are grossly exaggerated said the wal-mart executive. adding we had our best black friday ever and our wal-mart, one of the unaffiliated groups
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was unable to recruit for the made for tv events. >> now, this question of coordination between groups like our wal-mart and the big labor unions openly acknowledged here today is one of the critical issues investigated by the national labor relations board and wal-mart asked the board to halt picketing on the grounds that the uscw union is improperly using them to original the work force. nnl labor relations board say it's highly anticipated the ruling won't be ready until next week. >> james rosen, thank you. >> it was a good day on wal-mart, the dow gained 173 and the s&p 500 was up 18. and nasdaq finished ahead 40 and experts credit economic signals coming from germany and china and progress on the grobing debt issue. the crippled greek economy is blamed for a steady rise in suicides there. and 690 attempts through the first eight months of this year, following 927 in all of
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last year. and greece is headed toward a 6th year of recession, one in five people out of work. norway's worst mad murderer says his prison guards are trying to drive him to suicide. and that's later. and next, egypt's new president makes a power play. [ male announcer ] introducing...
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>> an eye for an eye, taliban style tops world headlines tonight. a suicide bomber detonated a truck full of explosives today in eastern afghanistan. three afghan civilians were killed and more than 90 people wounded. the taliban says it was retaliation for the recent execution of detainees. pakistan is suspending cell phone service m most parts of the country this weekend to prevent attacks of shiite muslims during a religious observance and militants often used phones for detonate bombs and killed more than a dozen people this week. what some are calling a power
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grab has led to the same kind of protests that got rid of his predecessor. details from cairo. >> the crowd, the chants, the violence in tamrir square that overthrough egyptian leader mubarak, but this time to his successor, mohammed morsi. >> this is a new era in egypt. and this is not what it was about. and it's about the president from all of these unquestioned rights. and now, it's just, we're way stepped back than where we were before. >> the protests, which include a ransacking of the muslim brotherhood headquarters in alexandria, after sweeping new powers that he could issue any decree and any issue would be
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filed and not to be appealed or overturned by the courts. >> the revolution has passed, but will not stop. the judiciary is a respected institution along with loyal members, those who wish to hide within the institution i'll be watching them. >> morsi says the moves are temporary. in a few month's time and they call a necessary move to defeat holdovers. and the moves have infuriated the opposition, one time egyptian presidential candidate mohammed el baradei says that he's setting himself up. and today, morsi vowed he would not back down. >> i haven't taken a decision to use it against anyone. to go against anyone is not something i could be associated with or announcing that i'm biased towards. however, i must put myself on a fair path to lead to the
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achievement of a clear goal. >> the power grab by the egyptian president came just one day after he was praised by u.s. officials as a pragmatic leader in his role for negotiating a cease-fire in gaza. >> from cairo, thank you. now, back in this country the white house walking a fine line with egypt. here is national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> just days after the white house released this photo of the president urging israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to accept a cease-fire with hamas brokered by the egyptian president, the state department issues this statement, quote, one of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. it did not mention egyptian president morsi by name or the virtual coup after meeting secretary of state hillary clinton in cairo. >> you must feel with the
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international acclaim that he has a freehand and within a matter of days and he begins to crush the internal opposition and seize power and take it into his own hands in a pretty nondemocratic way. >> and the head of egypt basically sponsored or this agreement. because he's going to get dividends from the united states, money from the the united states and very difficult to go to congress now and say, oh, do not send money to morsi. >> the u.s. finds itself in a bind, having just praised the egyptian president essentially elevating him to the world stage as a power broker and a peace maker. >> egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace. >> and in a way, morsi is following the footsteps of mubarak, give the americans what they want to foreign policy and try to smooth over hamas in the relations and try to end the war and try to be
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reasonable. and as long as the americans nen leave you alone with what you're doing the at home. we didn't lecture mubarak much about his internal politics and probabl going to lectu lecture morsi about his. >> and president obama is stuck now, he wants to court morsi, now that morsi is acting extra illegally, he's almost forcing president obama to rebuke him publicly. and the question whether he will do so. >> the president left to play golf and a tree was greeted by mrs. obama, malia, sasha and bo. >> and the palestinian president abbas plans to take the issue of palestinian state hood to the u.n. general assembly. they've been unable to convince abbas not to do so and president murphy of egypt
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is unlikely to stand in his way, shannon. >> jennifer griffin live from the white house tonight. thank you. >> the two day old cease-fire between israel and gaza is mostly holding, all has not done smoothly. connor powell has the story from jerusalem. >> the fra gifragile cease-fire. and the border between israel and gaza and some were farmers wanted to get access to their land. and others the cease-fire agreements. after shouting verbal warnings to the crowds, israeli troops opened fire killing one pal al and wounding more than a dozen. and israel and hamas accused each other of violating the the cease-fire agreement so far both sides showed restraint. today the first time in two weeks, the tomorrow leader in gaza appeared in public and even he avoided the normal
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inflammatory language that acompanies most incidents. >> and i think for some people to try to go inside means something. >> neither side, it appears, wants to return to the violence of the past weeks. and hamas worked on a series of tunnels they used to move rockets in and out of gaza, giving credence to those who say it's just a temporary pause in the violence not the start to a long-term peace agreement. >> egypt, which played a major role in crafting the cease-fire agreement will hold talks with representatives of israel and hamas in the coming days. a top priority to sort out the vague language ever the cease-fire, including the easing of the restrictions around gaza, shannon. >> connor, thank you. >> still ahead, fighting to recover from a 21st century war injury. first, how obamacare may make
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>> soon you will start to feel the effects of the president's signature legislative achievement right where it hurts the most in your wallet. but chief national correspondent jim angle tells us in some way the administration is actually losing ground on instituting health care reform. obamacare aboutsed more two years ago, unfolds in january with new taxes and exchanges ready in october 2013. analysts, however, say the federal government is way behind. >> there wasn't a lot of thought given to obamacare by
3:22 pm
a single entity making sure the pieces fit together. it was put together by a bunch of special interests and that's why you get this goldberg contraction. >> and just this week the administration finally laid out what it called essential benefits something that insurance companies must have to structure and price their health care plans. the administration is pressing its luck though, because insurance companies normally need more time than the few months left. >> if they're going to stand this up in 11 months, they are pretty close to the wire of having run out of time to do it. >> what it typically takes anywhere from a year to year and a half for an insurance company to develop new policies, get them approved by regulators and develop all the materials needed to sell them to consumers. >> many other parts of the new law, however, have not been completed. in addition to requirements on insurers, businesses of a certain size have to have what is called adequate coverage in order to avoid fines. the irs has not defined what
3:23 pm
constitutes adequate employer coverage. and the language in the legislation is ambiguous. >> to think they could draw these legislations in 11 months. these are complicated, but there is a lot of cooperation that's going on. it's a doable task. >> creating brand new state wide insurance exchanges requires enormous coordination, to accomplish that, the government is supposed to create a new computer network so everyone can be on the same page. the exchanges have to have electronic software and the federal government has to approve the software and hasn't done so. so we don't have the software ready to do what was supposed to be done in the exchange. >> and there are holes in the law and even conflicts passages, on a less controversial law congress might try to fix a few things, but one by house in control by
3:24 pm
the democrats and one by the republicans, that could be a hopeless tax. shannon. >> house republicans stinging from the poor election day showing among hispanics are planning beyond immigration and visas for scientists and technology students and those with green cards to bring their immediate families to the u.s. >> one scrutiny in operations fast and furious, to the controversy over the surprise departure of a cia director. chief intelligence yont catherine herridge has that story for us, good evening. >> good evening, the regular republican on the senate judiciary committee, senator grassley, wants them to know who signed off on the fbi investigation and mon storing david petraeus's personal e-mail and what is the relationship with his biographer came to light after a fbi background check. and the department official
3:25 pm
under president bush said that they seemed to be investigating the benghazi controversy with the same particular approach he used in the fast and furious gun running scandal. >> senator grassley's questions covered a very broad scope from the beginning of investigation throughout it up until its conclusion and it seems to me they want to get to the who, what, when and where, about why they started and. >> they recently defend the decision not to make the notification. >> had we made the determination, na that a threat existed. we of course would have made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> and the head of the house and senate intelligence committee recently seen this no note-- >> and catherine herridge with the latest, thank you. >> and is the postal service biting off more than it can
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chew in holiday season and a crazy election that will not end in kentucky, the update in the grapevine, next. with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices
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>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the norwegian mass murderer who killed people last year, is upset because guards are serving them cold coffee. he says that officers are trying to drive him to
3:30 pm
suicide. and has written a 27-page letter, denying him a reading lamb many and access to candy and daily strip searches. he he is serving the senence. a bizarre odyssey for the kentucky man who failed to win a city council election because his wife didn't vote. he finished in a tie and it came down to a coin flip and he called it, she won, but things are still up in the air, it turns out that belu may not be taking the job, she may be moving. he still wants it. but it's under no obligation to actually choose him a day after the u.s. postal service announced an upcoming experience with same day package deliveries we're pleased to announce the delivery of a post card from
3:31 pm
one of the brave men in a uniform. from world war ii. it reads pauline and theresa we arrived safe, had a good trip, but good and tired. and the card arrived last week at the family's former home where a new family lives and it may have been found by someone outside the postal service and then placed in the mail. and now to a much more serious story concerning america's finest, mike tobin tells us of one soldier's difficult journey back from an all too common 21st century war injury. >> major ben richards tested with 140 iq, and spoke chinese. after hitting by roadside bomb, he has headaches and mood swings and he wants his old self back. >> he was a good guy, i liked that ben richards and he never made it home from iraq. he's still missing in action.
3:32 pm
>> richards was discharged from the army with a traumatic brain injury. he is now trying the experimental treatment of pressurized air in a hyperbaric chamber this because he says the veterans administration was not helping him get back to who he was. >> the line was that this far after your-- after the blast event, there's really no expectation of improvement. the best you can hope for is to find something called a new normal. >> from the abundant use of roadside bombs by enemies in iraq and afghanistan, traumatic brain injury has become a signature wound. one in five combat service members have suffered a tbi. and the legacy is soldiers with memory loss, sleep disorder, post traumatic stress and suicide. more than enemy fire, more than even car wrecks at home, suicide has dramatically outpaced every other killer of america's fighting men and women. >> we don't know if there is
3:33 pm
he' a connection and that's a big question for us as well. >> accepting the unknown, the army is still trying to combat the problem, fort campbell has the warrior resiliency center, specializing in restoring motor and cognitive skills of soldiers who suffer a brain injury and doctors pay special attention to the impact. among the soldiers they treat, there is no increase in vior. >> people are on bathway of recovery, using resources and taking action to make their life better and to be stronger are less likely to make a choice. >> however, doctors and soldiers say, there's a stigma in the army that unless you have a visible and severe wound, you don't need help. >> we're at 5-2 right now. >> the specialless cameron, suffered trauma from several bomb blast ins afghanistan and is receiving treatment. i knows the other reason a soldier won't seek help. he doesn't want to end up like major richards. probably the reason i waited
3:34 pm
so long for help i was scared. going to get medically retired and the other-- >> another reason for the increase in tbi's is better armor, a blast that would have killed a warrior in the past, sends him home with a brain injury and there's a great deal to learn about healing a wounded mind. >> mike tobin, fox news. >> the last day of rationing, and massive power outages at gasoline stations after hurricane sandy and the mayor says many of the gas stations are operational. and a power grab and what's next, when we come back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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has not stopped. and respected the institution along with the loyal members, but those who wished to hide, it was an institution i wish to be watching them. >> and this is a new leadership in egypt, and it's not what the revolution was about. the revolution was about the president from these unquestioned rights and now they're just-- we're way stepped back and where we were before. >> egypt's democratically elected president, mohammed morsi declared new powers for himself and there's now rioting in the streets. bill kristol, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer, welcome. >> bill, is this deja vu all over again in the streets of cairo? >> we'll have to see. it's an important moment, if egypt turns out very badly it will be very bad for the whole arab world and the arab spring
3:39 pm
will be an arab winter and islamicist winter at that. and if there's push back or genuinely temporary pressures and we end up with another democratic election, then, i think, i would still remain somewhat hopeful at the arab spring and about the elections that happened in iraq. and egypt heralding a new part of the world. >> and this comes right on the heels of praise from the western world and secretary of state clinton and raising the role in brokering the cease-fire, holding between hamas and israel, but he didn't waste any time, chuck, capitalizing on that? >> yeah, elliott abrams i think astutely pointed out earlier that this is the kind of game that mubarak played with the west. i'll help you in and in return for that you turn a blind eye to what i do domestically. i think there's another piece of this puzzle that's very important and that's egypt's economic situation and this
3:40 pm
week, they signed a preliminary agreement with the imf to allow almost 5 billions of fresh credit come into the country and in return for that morsi is going to have to cut the subsidies that these people depend on for fuel and food and that's going to be very unpopular. in a way could be that he's trying to consolidate his powers that he could crush the decent that might be coming from that as well, but of course, he's provoking some in the short-term. >> and we know that the muslim brer hood offices many across the country have been vantlized and torched and we had one of the demonstrators talking about the concerns about this, where they go next. what do we know about those who though are upholding morsi at this point? we do know what we have with the muslim brotherhood and with him and who do we have in the wings pushing back? >> to say people are out on the streets in tahrir square and celebrated here and people who would ride, and twitter and facebook into power, that
3:41 pm
was always hopelessly romantic and the democrats are always the ones who get squeezed from the russian revolution on and i'm not surprised. i'm not quite as wildly optimistic as my colleagues here, i'm not surprised that the brotherhood is essentially in a coup d'etat. and the shamelessly, the speed with which he did this, the day after the agreement and i think the administration has to wonder whether the praise it gave, which was efuse seive and excessive didn't give morsi the sense that he could strike now because he's now been elevated to a great world leader. he had to do the cease-fire because he needs the money and he wouldn't have had it otherwise and also because egypt never wanted to be dragged back into the palestinian wars by the palestinians who want everybody to die on their behave behalf. the egyptians bought in 48, 56, 67 and 73, and lost tens
3:42 pm
of thousands of soldiers and do not want to go to war again with israel. any egyptian leader who would want to see the palestinians tail not wag the dog. so it was in his interest, i think gonna little overboard and it's important for the administration to say you had the story earlier tonight where they obliquely said, you know, we were hoping for real democracy and they're going to say it's wrong and may not get the aid, unless you relinquish the power. and he says it's a temporary coup d'etat that never happened, it didn't happen with hamas or hitler. with the castros, once you see the dictatorship, you don't relinquish. >> the point that the obama does with this, i want to play a former assistant secretary of defense addressing that. >> president obama is really stuck now. that is, he wants to court morsi, but now that morsi's acting extra illegally, he's
3:43 pm
almost forcing president obama to have to rebuke him publicly and the question is whether president obama will do so. >> bill, what will he do? >> well, we'll see. i mean, i don't think much to be too optimistic, the u.s. government has a lot of leverage, starting with the 2 plus billion dollars of aid that the u.s. directly gives egypt and we have our vote in the imf and further aid in the egyptian economy and they want to kind of enforce the muslim brotherhood as sort of legitimate and serious rulers of this big, serious country. we need to make sure that the democratic election that happens last year was not-- not the first in egypt's history, but make sure it's not the last. and 52-48% an awful lot of egyptians were not voting for the muslim brotherhood and we need to make sure that the citizens of egypt needs to vote again. we shouldn't be fatalistic and
3:44 pm
say there's nothing to do with it. >> one of the revelations of would be that power would not be overly concentrated in one one hands or institution, and looks like a public statement from the u.s. on this. >> a rather mild rebuke, but i don't think it's the end of the story and i do think that the administration needs to sit back and really come up with a strategy now. and we've seen this movie before with mubarak and the fatal flawed u.s. policies all these years is the reluctance to use leverage which bill correctly described which is enormous, and the aid through the imf to affect change domestically and they have a chance now to sort of undo that historic mistake that so many administrations made with mubarak in the past. unlike charles i'm not willing to dismiss the possibility na it will work. >> does this end differently, charles? >> history is not overcited
3:45 pm
with good endings and hitler used in the constitution article 48 to legally declare it was legal and by the time the emergency was over the republic disappeared and all that was left was the third reich, and morsi is acting with incredible arrogance here thinking he can now get away with anything and i think it's very important we do have a role to play, we do have a lot of leverage, but when you see the state department issue such a weak indirect statement, you wonder if anybody is going to say anything, publicly or privately. the administration should have acted before the election to do everything it could to strengthen the democratic forces, weak as they were. and you know, and it was a close election, and perhaps with more american effort and leverage, it might have turned out that the other side would have won. so it was a close run thing, but one sees the power and dictatorship, the opposition
3:46 pm
is usually crushed in the country with no history of democracy. >> well, that's it on that topic, next up, black friday and bleak times for folks at wal-mart. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> and we support and we're going to turn to their satisfaction and the demands have been met and not met then we will be returning back here again. >> all right. >> and we had-- and point out i'm going to have to-- i appreciate your concern for the associates, but we'll take care of that matter. i'm going to have to ask the guys to please be on the other side of the property. what you guys are doing right now is kind of unlawful. >> a little bit of a showdown
3:50 pm
at wal-mart and workers and different folks behind organizers and trying to organize the protests, what's happened about wal-mart, and talk with our panel. chuck, start with you, 1.4 million workers at wal-mart, didn't seem like a whole lot of them walked out today. >> they're busy working and let's face it, aren't extremely highly paid 14 an hour, but in this economy, unformer for many of the people a the alternative. isn't going to be a sea change at wal-mart until the overall economy picks up and people with those skills have more bargaining power. i think that the uscw-- excuse me, the union uscw is behind the future of wages at wal-mart. they have been at this a long time. it's not the first time they've tried to campaign like this and never seems to really
3:51 pm
get anywhere and i think they're just trying to generate some publicity and the fact that we're talking about it shows that they've succeeded in that. >> and vice-president for president coordination, says that the number of protesting are grossly exaggerated and we're aware of the protests today and the number of scheduled associates who missed their shifts is actually 60% less than black friday last year and now, wal-mart also publicly putting a very happy face on it, saying, charles, it's been their best black friday ever. >> look, i think it's a lot of hype and i like the way the manager stepped out and said this is, you're unlawful. and you know, that means-- >> a gray area on black friday. >> and a minor strike, you know, and in the 1890's when the pinkertons come out and shoot people and i think we've progressed between management and union. look, i don't think it's a big deal. it's a publicity stunt, not a
3:52 pm
lot of people turned out and i think it's going to be in the future, it will be a shopping story done by monday. >> what do you think that the nlrb wal-mart filed an urgent filing with them last friday because it was coming this black friday. nlrb basically sent out a statement, we will have a decision next week. >> and with the president, and from the employers side, a huge employer, largest private sector in the country. >> retailer. >> and 1.3 million employees, not unionized at all and would you have said that 30 years ago looking at america and no prospects of being unionized some would say and turn out 400 people at one or two locations to complain. i mean, it really shows how much private sector unionization better or worse has declined.
3:53 pm
35, 40% were unionized 40 years ago and now it's 7%, something like that. i don't think that's-- well for better or worse, i think mostly better, wal-mart is the wave of the future and unionizing the workers is not. >> and what happened is the private sector union in the global economy and the unions were able to flourish at a time when the economy wasn't a global one, but today, the only unions that are developing and growing are the public sector unions because the government's a monopoly and you don't have competition and you can ratchet up, until a state like wisconsin is going to be into bankruptcy, but that's why the growth is in the public sector which i think this year for the first time, eclipsed the private sector unions inside, but in the private sector union, as we saw, for instance in the auto industry, it leads you to bankruptcy if you're in a world economy, where you're getting wages way out of line with the private.
3:54 pm
>> and speaking of black friday, a lot of them are encouraged. the stocks indexes were up one of the best in the year and a lot of retailers say the stores are bizzer than ever before. and maybe consumer confidence ap economic bounceback this holiday season. >> it seems like there's a been gradual healing particularly in the housing markets and the numbers today. the average household leverage, you know, the indebtedness of the households are almost back to the levels prior to the bubble which means that households are a little bit freer to spend and they're not all the way back, and so, i think, you know, be interesting to see this holiday season how we do fair. obviously, the economy, 70% of consumer spending have done that. >> how much do you think that the reelection of the current administration and their promises to continue to build on what they do with their success so far, builds consumer confidence and we
3:55 pm
know who we have the next four years and confidence in knowing what we have? >> well, that might be. it might be that the u.s. economy is just a pretty strong entity and it can survive quite a number of regulations with tax increases, too, and it's probably-- and whatever happens, they've actually got a deal next year and reassure people that we're dealing more or less with the big entitlement problems and the tax hikes weren't so great and if we believe the regulatory approach of the obama administration in the the second term weren't too great. there was present up demand. and ready to take off, and really a question of how much, how they think the obama administration is going to burden that economy and make it take off. >> a word, charles. >> it seems to me, every year at the end of today, we have reports of how stuff is flying off the shelves and consumers are out there and when it's all over, you get to the numbers and it's either down or flat. so, on that dismal note i wish
3:56 pm
everybody a happy holiday. >> you are our favorite one, and with thanksgiving in the books, many of you moved on to another christmas tree and holiday decorations, a reminder how dangerous that can be next. ♪
3:57 pm
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>> shannon: finally tonight, most of you have awokenned from your turkey coma and begun putting up your christmas tree and decorations. while that's generally a safe endeavor, it's when you get sidetracked that you get into trouble. [ laughter ] didn't you tell them they were going to hit foreheads? [ laughter ] >> maybe a little

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